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Central Coast Community Cuppa Discussions

Community cuppas have been regular events since 2013, giving residents an opportunity to meet their elected members and raise local issues.

23 September 2021

Mayor Jan Bonde hosted a supper on Thursday 23 September 2021 at the Blythe Heads Hall where residents of Heybridge, Howth and surrounds enjoyed a light supper and an informal chat on local issues.

 Question and Answer responses from the evening are below:

1.    Does the Council have a view on the Minna Road saleyards?

The Council does not have a view.  This is being investigated by the Cradle Coast Authority.

2.    Why is there no public toilet nearby the bus stop near the former fire station?  There are up  to 50 children using this area each day, and also playground nearby could use toilet facility.

Toilets are provided in accordance with the Public Toilet Policy 2021 and Public Toilet Plan 2013-2023. A toilet in this vicinity will be considered with the review of the Public Toilet Plan in 2023.

3.    Why was there no action by the Council when a failing limb from a large tree in the River Road playground was reported on several occasions?

Trees in parks are assessed annually in October and then the maintenance program begins in December, and continues until end of February.  The arborist found no trees required intervention in this park but the Council are happy to reassess.

4.    What is the Council response to the request for provision of gym equipment in the River Ave playground area for adults?

This request has been listed for consideration by the Council  as part of the Open Space and Recreation Plan review.

5.   Why doesn’t the Council shake up the contractors engaged to mow lawn areas?  Lawn areas require more frequent mowing and even paths are overgrown.  For example,  up from the round-a-bout and on the right hand side, there are big clumps of bushes.  The adjacent property owner has done some clearing and spotted a snake.  Additionally, the path behind the guardrail is overgrown and at the corner of Blythe Street, grass is restricting driver site distance.

The Council mows various roadside areas as well as some park areas on a fortnightly basis.  This includes the bus stop island, the nature strip island adjacent to 44 River Avenue and the area around the playground near the fire station.  Only a 2 metre strip is mown along River Avenue near the guardrail, this does not include the whole area behind the guardrail which is Crown Land.

6.   Why is the walking track to Howth overgrown?

This path is the responsibility of the Department of State Growth and is mown in accordance with their maintenance schedules. Concerns should be directed to the Department by email at https://www.transport.tas.gov.au/contact_us or by phone on 1300 139 933

7.    What is the Council response to the request for footpath extension west of Cuprona Road that perhaps could provide connectivity to the recreation ground/new community building area?

This section of pathway is currently listed in the Council’s Long Term Financial Plan as a future pathway, i.e. it is not currently listed as a project in the next ten years. The Council is currently reviewing the footpath network to reassess priority sections and this section will be added for reconsideration.

8.    Can the big limbs in trees on Cuprona Road up to Linton Avenue be assessed?  They pose a fire risk due to large gums nearby.  Some yards are kept tidy, others are not.

Trees are assessed annually and the tree maintenance program is created from this. Some limbs will be trimmed when the program recommences in February 2022.

9.    Can we advise the Department of State Growth of excessive engine brake noise from the highway, exacerbated by the container terminal expansion in Burnie?  Would also like to ask the Department for compression brakes not to be used near the round-a-bout.

The specific request would be best directed to the Department of State Growth by the resident, as it will provide details to them first hand.  The Department can be contacted by email at https://www.transport.tas.gov.au/contact_us or by phone on 1300 139 933

10.    Are there any plans for the service roads to be linked?  This is understood to be a cost cutting exercise at the time of highway construction, as all traffic could exit/enter to the round-a-bout, rather than at each access point.

There are no plans for the service roads to be linked that the Council is aware of. The suggestion has been noted for consideration.

11.    It is noted that wire barriers are taken out quite often – why the recent spate toward Chasm Creek?

This is a question for the Department of State Growth, some areas of Bass Highway have now had the speed limit reduced in areas where crashes were occurring.  The Department can be contacted by email at https://www.transport.tas.gov.au/contact_us or by phone on 1300 139 933

12.    Trees east of round-a-bout are blocking sea views from drivers – whose responsible?  Also, there is a workshop on natural vegetation?

This a Department of State Growth and TasRail responsibility.

13.    The old sandpit area suggested for development, there is a lot of opposition from those attending?

This area is Crown Land.

14.    Road maintenance gravel has been stored at Heybridge Recreation Ground, why hasn’t it been used locally and if stored locally, where is it being used?

The gravel is to be used for road shouldering works in the local area in March 2022, in particular Cuprona Road.


We’d sincerely like to thank all of the community members who participated. 

The invitation can be viewed below.