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Central Coast Community Conversations 

Community Conversations have been regular events since 2013, giving residents an opportunity to meet their elected members and raise local issues.

22 June 2023 – Sprent / Castra / Nietta / Abbotsham

Mayor Cheryl Fuller hosted a Community Conversation at the Sprent Community Hall on Thursday 22 June 2023 where residents of Sprent, Castra, Nietta, Abbotsham and surrounds enjoyed morning tea and an informal chat on local issues.

Conversation talking points are below.

Has the Council ever given an undertaking to not selling assets without consultation with the community?

The Mayor advised that there are obligations that need to be met before we can sell public assets.  It would need to be advertised that the Council had intent to sell and enable the community to put in any objections before Council could decide.  The Council would ensure that community consultation took place to see what the residents would like done with these spaces.  It is important to understand that community needs change, and this change involves renewing assets and infrastructure.  It is important that we provide facilities and services that are fit for purpose.

Would the Council look at increasing the use of halls by reducing rent and insurance?

That would be a conversation that would need to be had by the Councillors and it would need to be ensured that there was equity across all Council halls.  It should be noted that if this caused a reduction in income through the users not paying for part of the costs, then the whole cost would need to be met by all ratepayers through their rates.

What is the latest on the North Motton Pony Club?

The Council has not asked the Club to relocate to Batten Park and there is nothing on the Council’s agenda currently to do so.

What if the Sprent Hall was redeveloped into housing developments and there is then no space down the track for emergency management, i.e. usage of the hall for any natural disasters?

This is a reason why we have advised that we consult with the community prior to any decisions being made.

The Mayor acknowledged the topic of Meadway Mutts, and the Director Community Services spoke to the topic.

While investigating noise complaints last year, the Council discovered that Meadway Mutts did not have appropriate Planning Permits.  As a result, the Council asked the operator to lodge a Development Application with a view to making their use of the land lawful, including compliance with the Tasmanian Planning Scheme’s Attenuation Code.  The Attenuation Code aims to minimise adverse impacts that a use may have on others, such as noise and odour.  While a Development Application was lodged, the applicant withdrew it after Council staff advised that the application did not satisfactorily address these issues.

The Council has a legal obligation to enforce the Tasmanian Planning Scheme and a moral obligation to address substantiated complaints received from members of our community.  As such, when the Development Application was withdrawn, the Council provided Meadway Mutts with 28 days to cease Domestic Animal Breeding, Boarding or Training use in those areas for which an appropriate Planning Permit had not been issued.  The Director acknowledged Meadway Mutts’ cooperation in complying with that requirement and reinforced the willingness of staff to sit down and talk to the business owner about their future plans and the process for lodging a new Development Application.

A member of the public stated how challenging it was 17 years ago to comply with Council regulations, being passed around Departments and no clear information being given.

The General Manager advised that in the last 15 years a lot of effort has gone into improving Departmental communication and challenges and to provide better advice to the community.

A member of the public advised that she went to the Council with an issue and was told she is too far out of town, and they did not want to know about it.

The General Manager asked the member to provide her with this information after the formal conversation.

A member of the public advised that the Council are required to check kennels every 3 years and hers have not been checked in 17 years.

The Director Corporate Services is taking that on notice and is going to investigate the rules and regulations.

The Principal of Sprent Primary School wanted to flag some issues such as a lack of before and after school care.  Sprent Primary School values the agri-science and food and fibre initiatives and that is enticing out of area students, but it is a barrier that they cannot offer the before and after school care.  How can the Council help the School address these issues?  Including lack of transport and access?

The Director Community Services advised that Ulverstone Childcare Centre and our Outside School Hours Care services are at capacity and nationally, the sector is finding it hard to attract staff at the moment.  The Director is going to have a conversation with the Principal after the meeting about any steps that can be taken and options that can be explored.

A member of the public asked if staff shortages are due to vaccination requirements?

The Council does not enforce all staff to be vaccinated for COVID-19 but have a safety plan in place which all staff are required to comply with (vaccination is not one of the requirements).

Two members of the public commended the Council for the assistance provided during the floods.  They stated that for a few weeks after flooding there was significant water run off on the road, the staff member came up very promptly when she called, and they suggested that a drain across the road be installed to divert the water run-off where people are not going to be impacted.  Noted that they are currently struggling to get out of their driveway.

The Director Infrastructure Services acknowledged the issue and will take the information after the meeting to assist in addressing these issues.

Is there new legislation that the Council will be able to enforce the fencing of creeks and bush area on private property?

Leonie Hiscutt MLC advised she was not aware of any legislation and will touch base with the member of the public that asked this question.

Is the rate rise of 4.4% sustainable?

Yes, it is.  The Council’s finances are in a good position.  We are still covering all expenses.  FOGO has assisted in the Council being able to keep rates lower as we have had less waste going into landfill which has an impact on reducing the Waste Levy charge that the Council is required to pay to the State Government.

If the operating budget is for a slight surplus does this mean the Council has no debt?  Are we cash positive?

The Council is expected to have approx. $11m in borrowings by the end of June 2024 after having allowed for up to $2m in borrowings throughout the 2023-2024 year if needed for stormwater upgrades at Bertha Street in Ulverstone.

The Council’s debt is at a manageable level in context of its overall financial assets and cash position.  The Council’s infrastructure alone is expected to be worth $544m as at 30 June 2024 and cash on hand around $10m.  The Tasmanian Audit Office publish financial sustainability indicators and provide benchmarks for sustainability.  The Council is well within the borrowing parameters set by the Audit Office and therefore able to demonstrate sustainable debt levels.  Debt is a valid funding source for new infrastructure.

What is the latest update on Council amalgamations?

The Council had a workshop last night on different community catchment scenarios provided by the government; Central Coast maintained the position that we are happy to talk about change, but we need to be clear with what our tasks are – Central Coast believes more information is needed before a decision should be made.

I think there should be money set aside for guard railing and warning signs, it can be foggy, and the corners can sneak up on you very quickly, main concern is “S” bend on Top Gawler Road near Picketts Road – who can I talk to about that?

The Council has had a major program on guideposts among rural roads, signage has been on the list for several years but the Council first needs to do an audit on the existing signs.  Please advise us of missing or damaged signs so that they can be replaced.  Top Gawler Road in the vicinity of Picketts Road will be investigated for improvement.  The Director Infrastructure Services also advised that crashes not attended by emergency services can be self-reported to Tasmania Police via their website.  Crash information is then more accurate and can help us to know where black spot issues are.

What is happening with the trees that are falling on to the roads?  They are near the Castra tip.

The Director Infrastructure Services asked for more accurate information on the locations.  If it is the Council’s responsibility the trees can be assessed.  If it is Forestry or private property we can notify them.

Thank you to all of the community members who participated.

The invitation can be viewed below.

18 May 2023 – Kindred / Leith / Forth

Mayor Cheryl Fuller hosted a Community Conversation on Thursday 18 May 2023 where residents of Kindred, Leith, Forth and surrounds enjoyed supper and an informal chat on local issues.

Conversation talking points are below.

The Shared Pathway should have a speed limit, people on scooters are going too fast, horses spotted on the shared pathway? All the weeds that have come through also need attention.

A member of the public stated she was one of the people with horses and that it is the only way she can ride her horse from her house – e.g. she must cross a portion of the path; the only other alternative is the road.

Many trees and branches have been cut and left near the Forth to Turners Beach area of the pathway near the bridge.

The Director Infrastructure Services advised that the tree branches would be added to the clean up when the pathway gets handed over.  Consistent signage for the rules associated with usage of the pathway network is being developed.

The corner of Clerke and Short Streets is currently a mess, I do not understand why the walkway didn’t go straight up Allport Street.  The water drainage pit on Short and Clerke Streets is below safety level, something needs to be done on those corners, so no one falls in.  There are many cracks in the concrete path along the river foreshore section.

The Director Infrastructure Services advised the drains and expansion joints have been listed in the Contractor’s defect list for rectification.  The viewing platform on the bridge is also to be replaced.

The shared pathway at West Ulverstone is being parked over.

The project is still under construction and was delayed due to supply issues.  (Since the meeting the separation has been installed.)

What is your intention of connecting West Ulverstone to Penguin?

This section of the shared pathway is to be further investigated in 2023-24. There will be opportunity for the public to comment on this following the preliminary investigation.

There are no disability parking spaces in the Forth Hall area.

These issues are very much on the radar at the moment – we have formed an Access and Inclusion Group who provide input into Council budgets and projects.  A compliant space at the Forth Hall will be arranged.

We put forward a petition on the Wilmot Road Speed Limit, what is the process on this?  There is also a section of undulating road about 7km up Wilmot Road.

Council will shortly mailout a survey to residents to provide feedback on issues they are seeing in the area.  We have statistics on crashes that are reported but we don’t have any that are not reported.  This information can then be used as part of a submission to the Department of State Growth if a request to have the speed limit changed is progressed.  Other improvements such as warning signs will also be investigated.

The section of undulating road will be investigated to understand the cause and method of repair.

There are four dead trees on the side of Wilmot Road that could potentially fall and are dropping large limbs.

Trees were discussed as being close to the southern boundary of 393 Wilmot Road on the other side of the road.  They may be on private property.  Council staff will investigate options.

Treated pine retaining wall adjacent to 59 Kindred Road had been hit by a car.  The gentleman was told it was his responsibility.

Further discussion occurred after the meeting.  The issue to be investigated further by the Council’s Infrastructure Services Department.

What is the Council’s relationship with TasWater and is Council aware that residents of Leith lose water 2-3 time daily?  9 Allport Street.  Have contacted TasWater 37 times since March.

Residents should be dealing with TasWater directly but the General Manager brought the issue to the attention of TasWater and was advised the affected consumers are receiving a limited supply discount and they are in the midst of rectifying this issue with a permanent solution.  The General Manager also raised the issue of water meter certification after a community member raised an issue, TasWater advised that the water meters have been approved and are listed on the National Measurement Institute Government site linked here Certificate of Approval NMI 14/3/28: Sensus Model iPerl DN20 Water Meter | Department of Industry, Science and Resources

The Forth Hill is concerning, there is going to be an accident, I am aware it is not Central Coast’s area, but I think there needs to be something more?

We have escalated these concerns to the Department of State Growth in the past.  The Council will discuss the best way for the community to pursue progress of an upgrade.

What is happening with the entrance into Leith?

They are pushing the off lane further away from the travelling lane from the highway, so that cars that are coming in are not obscuring the view of outgoing traffic.  The intent is to improve the sight distance.

The Leith Foreshore is a mess, we have asked to try and keep this clear – it is almost completely covered by gorse now.  Questioned if the area can be served an abatement notice.  There are also feral cats through there.

The General Manager has contacted Parks and Wildlife and they have advised that they are going to follow this up with the Leven Field Centre and Crown Land Services.

The old buildings near Maskells Road, what is happening there?

The buildings are to be refurbished and remain at the site.  The process has taken longer than expected.  A new shed is also to be constructed nearby that will accommodate some local community groups.

Thank you to all of the community members who participated.

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20 April 2023 – Turners Beach

Mayor Cheryl Fuller hosted a Community Conversation on Thursday 20 April 2023 where residents of Turners Beach enjoyed a morning tea and an informal chat on local issues.

Conversation talking points are below.

In the winter, there is no one on the beach – so what is the problem with having our dogs off-lead on the beach?  The dogs do not have an area where they can run and have time off the lead.

The Mayor advised that the rules apply so that all the community and visitors are aware of which parts of our beaches are available for dogs off-lead.  This helps to ensure the elimination of conflict for both people who have dogs and people who do not like dogs off-lead around them.  In the winter months, both dog owners and non-dog owners have the same rights to be on the beach – so the rules apply consistently through the whole of the year.

Can we have a fenced off area, like the dog park in Ulverstone?

Members of the public also raised concerns regarding losing Harry Braid Park.  There are many young children that use that area and they cannot afford to lose any area of that park. The Community also mentioned that new play equipment was going to be installed, which has not happened.

The potential to provide a fenced off area is a Council action that has not yet been progressed.  The Council is considering an area adjacent to the recreation precinct during this coming financial year.

Could the Council consider the recreational area space in Henry Street to utilise as a dog exercise area? Another option mentioned is the South-Eastern Corner of the Football Ground.

Members also mentioned that an area of the Tennis Courts needs fixing.  

The Council is considering an area within the recreation and sporting precinct this next financial year as a dog exercise area and have taken onboard the ideas that have been raised.

The issues with the tennis court net and winders are to be investigated and rectified.

Can we please have the Compliance Officer on the beach at better times, i.e. when the beach is busy rather than when there is only one person on the beach? People should be able to read and interpret signs and the Waratah/Wynyard graphic signs were noted as good examples. Community member also noted that a website was found that mentioned Turners Beach as a ‘dogs paradise’.

The comments in relation to when the Compliance Officer undertakes their duties is noted but it should be kept in mind that they are responsible for compliance of all the beaches and areas within the whole of Central Coast.  The officer’s attendance may not always coincide with when the most people are on the beach.

The Council is also reviewing the dog signage to see how graphics can be improved to make them more user-friendly.

The information noted on a website does not emanate from the Council’s website and the Council has no control on what people write on other websites.

How many complaints are we receiving per year / per month and what are they about?

  • Complaints – 40
  • Unregistered dogs detected – 4
  • Wandering dogs – 3
  • Cautions – 1
  • Infringements – 7

Did Council communicate that there would be a new dog ranger working on the beach so that the community know that this man is not a prowler? Will the Council please start communicating in a more ethical and polite manner? Would you be comfortable with a 16 year old on the beach being approached on the beach?

The Director of Corporate Services responded that it is not normal practice to communicate who a Compliance Officer is, and when they are recruited.  The Director is aware of the safety concerns of the community.  The Director also noted that the Council will have multiple people employed at any one-time who will conduct compliance work on the beach.  The Council’s Compliance Officers do carry formal Council identification.  The form of physical contact and approaching members of the public has been discussed with the staff and this will be amended.

What is Councils stance/authority on cats?

The Council does not have a head of power to deal with cats.  The Council is working with the Cradle Coast Authority to help deal with the issue of feral cats.  The Council is also looking at implementing a desexing program.  This is currently a State government issue to deal with, but the Council is trying to do what we can to assist with the removal and control of feral cats.  If community members have a specific issue, please do contact the Council directly.

Can we look at some better access to the beach? For example, ramp and disabled access – the access is currently all stairs and the only ramp is the boat ramp.  If we can get a ramp, it may be best at the centre of the beach accesses.  Most of the accesses have a lean in them so it is hard to take, e.g. paddle boards around.

The Council is currently reviewing all beach accesses across the whole municipality with an aim to ensure at least one disabled access point to each beach across the entire Central Coast. This is only as a starting point.

A footpath down Susan Street would be very beneficial.  There is no footpath on either side to access the bike track, you must walk on the road the entire way.  Families are walking on the road with dog’s, prams etc.

The pathway plan has been released and this was adopted at the start of this year.  We are now working on a timeline on when this can be implemented.

The deck area opposite La Mar and access to the beach is quite dangerous.  Members of the public really like this area and would like to keep it if it can be refurbished, members of the public are happy with assistance to help with things like this as a community.

The Memorandum of Understanding for the 7 Day Makeover group is currently in process – we have a draft that everyone is currently happy with, so this will now be signed off.

Regarding Possum Lane, in the middle of the two laneways, we have a great deal of traffic. Kids on skateboards, people with dogs, prams etc., are worried about the cars and trucks.  Young children that go down there do not look for traffic and there is concern that a child is going to be hit by a car or truck.  Could we potentially look at installing some humps or bollards to ensure that kids are made to slow down?

Council officers have subsequently met on site and discussed improvement options, which will be installed in due course.

It is hard to open doors of vehicles on the parking bays along the Esplanade, where the treated posts have been installed.  The native growth has taken off and is encroaching on the parking space.

This will be added to the maintenance schedule.  The Mayor highlighted the importance of letting us know about any specific issue.

On the Forth Road end of Turners’ Beach Road, where the intersection of Forth Road and Turners Beach Road meet, trucks are coming in on the wrong side of the road around the traffic island. Can we do something about large trucks coming down Turners Beach Road?  The top end of the road is narrower than the bottom end and trucks cannot get around the small roundabout.

The general access rule is that smaller trucks are allowed on ANY road as a right. Heavy vehicles are under the national heavy vehicle law.  This issue was further discussed and has been taken on notice.  It will be forwarded to Council’s Parking and Traffic Management Committee for consideration.

The State Government is discussing forced amalgamations, will Central Coast be involved?

The State Government’s report was released yesterday.  The Council’s view is that we are wanting to stay how we are at this stage, we are happy with our current boundaries but are open to exploring shared services.  We received the report yesterday and it is very lengthy.  The Council will give Councillors the opportunity to read the report and then it will be workshopped.  The final report will be released around October and the Minister has been clear that the current status quo is not an option.

Regarding communication – Community members are going to put up a community noticeboard at the Community Hall, it may be a good resource for the Council to use to communicate.

Thank you to all of the community members who participated.

The invitation can be viewed below. 


23 March 2023 – Heybridge / Howth

Mayor Cheryl Fuller hosted a Community Conversation on Thursday 23 March 2023 at the Blythe Heads Hall where residents of Heybridge, Howth and surrounds enjoyed supper and an informal chat on local issues.

Conversation talking points are below.

The street sweeping schedule has been different, is it still going to be once a year?

The street sweeping works on a rotational basis, not an annual basis.  Heybridge is generally swept twice per year.

Maintenance schedules on the football ground and clubrooms – the ground was cut and a community member had to pick 20 wheelbarrows of grass off the ground before it was able to be trained upon.  Community members have also been spraying the weeds around the ground and doing other maintenance, should this be the Council’s responsibility?  Also noted the condition of the ground has improved significantly since the chicken wire has been placed around the ground to stop the wallabies from entering the ground.

There are service levels across the municipality for each ground and facility dependent on the use and time of year.  This ground gets mowed twice per week during summer cricket season and once per week during winter football season.  Council normally sprays weeds, however recently the cricket club members offered to do this.  We often work together to provide the appropriate standard.

Signs and bags about dog droppings – becoming a real issue – some signage to direct and also some bags for the dog droppings would be beneficial.  A lot of people use the recreation ground to exercise their dog as it is fenced in and secure.  80% do the right thing and pick up after their dogs.

Signage on the football ground will be investigated as dogs are prohibited on recreation grounds.

We desperately need a public toilet at the recreation ground.

As part of the design of the new premises for the area we may look at new toilets that can be entered from the outside and used as public toilets.  These things will be addressed when we look at the design of the community centre and how it is used and operated, there will be clear lines of who is responsible for what.

Tenders were advertised and are currently being assessed and a report will be prepared for the April Council meeting for approval and further steps.

It will be constructed as soon as possible with the intent that it will be completed for the 2024 football season.

Playground area does not have a public toilet for the kids to utilise and the equipment is desperately outdated.

The Council has a Public Toilet Policy and associated Plan.  The potential use of the Fire Station was discussed with TasFire and that was not a possibility.  Discussed the potential of moving the playground and bus stop to the community centre area.  The bus access may be a problem and will require further investigation.

Is there a plan to continue the footpath from where it stops around the bus area down to the community centre?

It is in the future, not a high priority but if toilets and playground centralise around the community centre it will heighten the priority.

A community member raised the following issues:

  • Graffiti removal from River Road as soon as possible
  • Speed limit signs placed along River Road
  • More signage warning people of the bus stops – to remind people that there is a bus there and they should be slowing down, i.e. 40km/h when lights flashing
  • There is a real issue with hooning and speeding on River Road – is there any way that Council can liaise with Police, when signage is put up can we pass a letter on to the Cuprona businesses to advise them to remind staff that there is a speed limit and there are children using the road?

The graffiti is on the schedule to be removed – unfortunately offensive and vulgar graffiti needs to be removed first and there is a lot of this in the municipality at the moment.

The addition of bus stop signage and speed limit reinforcement signs will be forwarded to Council’s Parking & Traffic Management Committee for consideration.

Council can liaise with Police, and so can residents.  The new portable speed cameras can be requested to certain locations.

Resident thanked Council on getting the bollards put up on the corner of Cuprona Road – these are working and the trucks cutting the corners has drastically decreased.  The road surfaces are deteriorating badly and the tar is being dragged along the ground and forming into a lump – becoming dangerous and noisy.

Staff thanked resident for the information and will pass on to our Works Operations area for attention.

Blackberries and rubbish between Sice Avenue and the railway line – some of this land is railway, some is private and some is Council.  Each group has a different excuse as to why it can’t be cleaned up.  Resident also advised that he believes that efficiency could be improved across contractors and the staff across the workforce.  Why can’t we just hire portaloos or portable toilets?

It is a difficult issue – we deal with this around the rail corridor on a very regular basis – Council is not allowed to work in the rail corridor as per TasRail rules – we will discuss further with TasRail.

Thank you to all of the community members who participated.

The invitation can be viewed below.


17 February 2023

Mayor Cheryl Fuller and Senator Anne Urquhart hosted the official opening of the Riana Change room development on Friday 17 February 2023 at the Riana Community Centre where residents of Riana, South Riana, West Pine, Cuprona, Camena and surrounds enjoyed a morning tea and an informal chat on local issues.

Conversation talking points are below.

Grand stand – In very poor condition currently – of great value to the Riana community and is also a war memorial piece, need to preserve and honour history, plans for this going ahead. Schools are also utilizing on sports carnival days

Roadside mowing – Behind this year compared to previous years. Was explained that this is due to floods and season.

Pine Road – Condition, process for rectification explained.

Cricket Ground – Needs resurfacing – is going to talk to grants and gain a quote. Public liability issues – other teams threatened to sue. There is also a drainage issue on the ground a section in front of the grandstand. Club representatives undertook to provide Council with quotes.

Advisory Road signs – No longer reflective, poor condition and can barely be seen, reported approx. 18 months ago. Council will be undertaking an audit of road signs during the next twelve months to establish a replacement program. The signs mentioned will be passed to our Works Operations area for replacement.

Feral Cat Populations – Out of hand – one member of the public removed 80 cats from their property, another 15. A grant for a cat enclosure is currently in process. Cat traps being provided tor residents would be of great assistance.

Charges to use community venues – Many other venues along the coast are free of charge to sporting and community groups, is this something Council could look at. Also the fact that health and leisure facilities in Dorset are free for the community – can council have a conversation with Dorset Council and see how they do this.  Discussion was also had about that if Council looked at this, then the community as a whole would need to fund the loss of revenue which would be in the order of $200,000 (around a 2% rate increase on top of a normal increase in operational costs).

Edges of roads – Edges of regional and rural roads in very bad condition, edge drops quite large, damaged rims. Advised that the tractor rolling does not compact shoulder as well as the old rollers used to.   The comments have been noted and passed to Council’s Works Operations area for inclusion in annual shoulder maintenance program.

Recognition of former church adjacent to the clubrooms – Community members spoke to the Director Community Services about their plans to mark the location of the former church with a plaque affixed to a boulder. The Director Community Services advised that he couldn’t see any insurmountable Planning or other issues, and will be happy to assist further upon receipt of a written request and proposed wording.

We’d sincerely like to thank all of the community members who participated. 

The invitation can be viewed below.

23 September 2021

Mayor Jan Bonde hosted a supper on Thursday 23 September 2021 at the Blythe Heads Hall where residents of Heybridge, Howth and surrounds enjoyed a light supper and an informal chat on local issues.

 Question and Answer responses from the evening are below:

1.    Does the Council have a view on the Minna Road saleyards?

The Council does not have a view.  This is being investigated by the Cradle Coast Authority.

2.    Why is there no public toilet nearby the bus stop near the former fire station?  There are up  to 50 children using this area each day, and also playground nearby could use toilet facility.

Toilets are provided in accordance with the Public Toilet Policy 2021 and Public Toilet Plan 2013-2023. A toilet in this vicinity will be considered with the review of the Public Toilet Plan in 2023.

3.    Why was there no action by the Council when a failing limb from a large tree in the River Road playground was reported on several occasions?

Trees in parks are assessed annually in October and then the maintenance program begins in December, and continues until end of February.  The arborist found no trees required intervention in this park but the Council are happy to reassess.

4.    What is the Council response to the request for provision of gym equipment in the River Ave playground area for adults?

This request has been listed for consideration by the Council  as part of the Open Space and Recreation Plan review.

5.   Why doesn’t the Council shake up the contractors engaged to mow lawn areas?  Lawn areas require more frequent mowing and even paths are overgrown.  For example,  up from the round-a-bout and on the right hand side, there are big clumps of bushes.  The adjacent property owner has done some clearing and spotted a snake.  Additionally, the path behind the guardrail is overgrown and at the corner of Blythe Street, grass is restricting driver site distance.

The Council mows various roadside areas as well as some park areas on a fortnightly basis.  This includes the bus stop island, the nature strip island adjacent to 44 River Avenue and the area around the playground near the fire station.  Only a 2 metre strip is mown along River Avenue near the guardrail, this does not include the whole area behind the guardrail which is Crown Land.

6.   Why is the walking track to Howth overgrown?

This path is the responsibility of the Department of State Growth and is mown in accordance with their maintenance schedules. Concerns should be directed to the Department by email at https://www.transport.tas.gov.au/contact_us or by phone on 1300 139 933

7.    What is the Council response to the request for footpath extension west of Cuprona Road that perhaps could provide connectivity to the recreation ground/new community building area?

This section of pathway is currently listed in the Council’s Long Term Financial Plan as a future pathway, i.e. it is not currently listed as a project in the next ten years. The Council is currently reviewing the footpath network to reassess priority sections and this section will be added for reconsideration.

8.    Can the big limbs in trees on Cuprona Road up to Linton Avenue be assessed?  They pose a fire risk due to large gums nearby.  Some yards are kept tidy, others are not.

Trees are assessed annually and the tree maintenance program is created from this. Some limbs will be trimmed when the program recommences in February 2022.

9.    Can we advise the Department of State Growth of excessive engine brake noise from the highway, exacerbated by the container terminal expansion in Burnie?  Would also like to ask the Department for compression brakes not to be used near the round-a-bout.

The specific request would be best directed to the Department of State Growth by the resident, as it will provide details to them first hand.  The Department can be contacted by email at https://www.transport.tas.gov.au/contact_us or by phone on 1300 139 933

10.    Are there any plans for the service roads to be linked?  This is understood to be a cost cutting exercise at the time of highway construction, as all traffic could exit/enter to the round-a-bout, rather than at each access point.

There are no plans for the service roads to be linked that the Council is aware of. The suggestion has been noted for consideration.

11.    It is noted that wire barriers are taken out quite often – why the recent spate toward Chasm Creek?

This is a question for the Department of State Growth, some areas of Bass Highway have now had the speed limit reduced in areas where crashes were occurring.  The Department can be contacted by email at https://www.transport.tas.gov.au/contact_us or by phone on 1300 139 933

12.    Trees east of round-a-bout are blocking sea views from drivers – whose responsible?  Also, there is a workshop on natural vegetation?

This a Department of State Growth and TasRail responsibility.

13.    The old sandpit area suggested for development, there is a lot of opposition from those attending?

This area is Crown Land.

14.    Road maintenance gravel has been stored at Heybridge Recreation Ground, why hasn’t it been used locally and if stored locally, where is it being used?

The gravel is to be used for road shouldering works in the local area in March 2022, in particular Cuprona Road.

We’d sincerely like to thank all of the community members who participated. 

The invitation can be viewed below.