Joint Media Release

To           All Media

From       Cr Cheryl Fuller, Mayor – Central Coast Council and Casey van Eysden, President – Rotary Club of Ulverstone West.

Date        28/01/2024

Re          Inaugural Lift the Walk for Mental Health

Central Coast Council Participating in Rotary Club of Ulverstone West’s inaugural Lift the Lid Walk.

On 18 February 2024, the Rotary Club of Ulverstone West will host its inaugural Lift the Lid Walk. The walk will start at Ulverstone Rowing Club, then continue towards Picnic Point and return.

The Lift the Lid Walks have been held across Australia for several years and this will be the first year it’s held in Tasmania’s Central Coast. The aim of these walks is to help break down the barriers and stigma associated with mental health, as well as raise much needed funds for mental health research.

Last year’s walks raised around $123,000 across Australia for Australian Rotary Health’s (ARH) mental health research. A particular focus of ARH is the ground-breaking research into the mental health of children aged 0 – 12. 

Casey van Eysden, President Rotary Club of Ulverstone West, said the club has a history of spreading awareness on mental health issues.

“When the opportunity was presented for us to run a Lift the Lid Walk, it was only natural that we should accept the challenge.” Said Casey van Eysden, President Rotary Club of Ulverstone West.

As strong mental health advocates, Central Coast Council’s CEO Barry Omundson and Mayor Cheryl Fuller will be participating in the inaugural event. Both saw the Lift the Lid Walk as a special opportunity to advocate Council’s commitment to endorsing and supporting mental health awareness.

“Mental health is an integral part of ensuring healthy communities and workforces. Central Coast Council will always champion local community groups who are trying to bring greater awareness to the area of mental health”. Said Cr Cheryl Fuller, Mayor Central Coast Council.

Council and Rotary Club of Ulverstone West encourage people to get involved and help raise awareness of the mental health issues faced in all areas of the community.

“We encourage workforces, schools, community groups, families, and individuals to participate in this good cause.” – Said Casey van Eysden, President Rotary Club of Ulverstone West.

“I’d like to thank Council and our sponsors for their support in getting this inaugural event off the ground.” He said.


Recipients of Central Coast’s Australia Day 2024 Awards Announced

Media Release

To           All Media

From       Mayor, Cr Cheryl Fuller

Date        25/01/2024

Re           Central Coast Australia Day “Breakfast by the Beach” event

Recipients of Central Coast’s Australia Day 2024 Awards Announced

The Central Coast Council marked Australia Day 2024 with a ‘Breakfast by the Beach’ event at Ulverstone Soundshell. This was followed by a formal Citizenship and Australia Day Awards Ceremony.

The event started at 8:45am in the morning with a performance from Ulverstone Municipal Band and breakfast by local service club members, which included egg and bacon sandwiches, pancakes, and a sausage sizzle.  

“This event allows our community a chance to reflect on our past, to recognise the challenges and rewards of the last year, to welcome new citizens, and to celebrate the contributions and achievements of some exceptional community members”. Said Cr Cheryl Fuller, Mayor

Mayor Fuller led the day’s proceedings, which included a special address provided by local sports identity, Craig Redman. Mr Redman was the first ever recipient of the Central Coast Council (formally Ulverstone Council) Young Citizen of the Year award in 1986. He then went on to receive the Sporting Achievement Award in 2000, which he received due to his local and international sporting accomplishments as a Triathlete.

Presented were the following Australia Day Awards, which recognised the outstanding contributions of the special individuals and groups within the Central Coast community.

Colin Wearne received the Citizen of the Year Award for over 49 years of involvement in the Central Coast Cricket and Football Clubs. This was as a player, administrator, and advocate.

The Young Citizen of the Year was awarded to Braydan Flannery for his commitment to the Ulverstone Volunteer Marine Rescue and the lifesaving services that it performs.

Accepted by Sally Sally Cotterell, the Community Event of the Year was awarded to the South Riana Memorial Hall for its 80th Anniversary and unveiling of the World War II honour board. These two significant events have reconnected many families to the history of the region and the hall itself.

The Community Group of the Year was awarded to The Albert Street Gang for providing inclusive and supportive surfing experiences at Turners Beach, which contributed to the health and social wellbeing of participants from all around North West Tasmania.

Mayor Fuller was thrilled to pay tribute to the many outstanding individuals and community groups in Tasmania’s Central Coast, and acknowledged the endless value they bring to the region.  


Ulverstone Waterslide temporarily closed to allow water quality to return to appropriate levels

Media Release

To           All Media

From      Mayor, Cr Cheryl Fuller

Date        25/01/2024

Re           Temporary Closure of Ulverstone Waterslide

Ulverstone Waterslide temporarily closed to allow water quality to return to appropriate levels.

The Ulverstone Waterslide, operated by Central Coast Council, has been temporarily closed today to allow for water quality to return to the appropriate levels. The process of addressing the water quality, re-testing and waiting for lab results is expected to take around one week.

Those people with bookings during this period have been notified.

Central Coast Mayor, Cr Cheryl Fuller, said that Council felt disappointed for those people who had planned to visit the waterslide over the next week, but the closure was unavoidable.

“Sadly, it’s not unheard of for public pools to be closed from time to time due to water quality issues. While we have a chlorination regime in place, the unavoidable accumulation of foreign matter such as sand and sunscreen during periods of peak use, combined with warm weather and high evaporation, sometimes leads to this outcome.” Said Cr Cheryl Fuller, Mayor

While the temporary closure is not a result of equipment failure, Council already had plans to routinely replace the waterslide’s chlorination equipment next year, and it is expected that as with most new technology, this will offer improved performance which would further reduce the likelihood of future closures.

Council will continue to keep the community updated via the following channels:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tascentralcoast

Antenno App: https://www.centralcoast.tas.gov.au/stay-informed-with-councils-service-app-antenno/



The Central Coast Council is seeking to appoint a Children’s Services Educator in the Community Services area.

This position will be responsible for ensuring the provision of quality child care at the Central Coast Council’s Outside School Hours Care services.

With the Council having recently embarked on a cultural journey where the focus is on the wellbeing of our people and the sustainable growth of our community, there has never been a more exciting time to join our team.

Essential: Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and experience working with children of all ages.

Salary and conditions:  Part-time, 10 hours per week.  Central Coast Council’s Enterprise Agreement – Child Care Worker Level 2.1 ($28.50 per hour).

The Position Description and Application Form are available to download below:

Position Description Application Form

Applications must be on the prescribed form, indicate the position you are applying for, address the Selection Criteria in the Position Description and be emailed to careers@centralcoast.tas.gov.au

For any enquiries please phone (03) 6429 8956.

Applications close at 4 pm on Thursday 29 February 2024.

Slow Down and Save Our Native Wildlife


Summer is time for adventures and travel, but it’s also when native animals are at their most active and travelling around our wonderful municipality.

As a result, unfortunately it is also the time of year we see an increase in the amount of roadkill seen, particularly on our rural roads.

Council’s Natural Resource Management (NRM) Officer recently responded to a report of a Tasmanian Devil that was struck by a car and died as a result. This report was logged to the Tasmanian Roadkill Register to support the Save the Tasmanian Devil’ Program.

In response, Council installed motion sensor cameras in the area. One of the cameras captured a healthy Tasmanian Devil, as well as another that had been hit by a car. Neither Devil showed signs of the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD), which is one of the biggest threats to their survival.

While this is positive news in a sad story, it also shows the abundance of biodiversity in the Central Coast area and proves we need to do more to protect our Tassie Devils, as well as all other animals and vegetation.

How can you help in your local area?

Slow down:

  • The most effective thing that you can do is to slow down on the road between dusk and dawn, especially during summer when animals are most active.

Responsible pet ownership:

  • Keeping dogs on leashes whilst walking through reserves and areas of native vegetation will ensure native animals have the chance to hide without the risk of being hunted and attacked.
  • Ensuring domestic cats are contained and not allowed to roam native bushland areas, especially at night, is vital to the survival of many small native animals such as the threatened Eastern Barred Bandicoot
  • Desexing cats is also important to reduce the risk of increasing the number of feral cats within native areas.

More information can be found on the NRE Invasive Species Website.

Roadkill Reporter App:

  •  The Department of Natural Resources & Environment Tasmania (NRE) support the Tasmanian Devil Roadkill Project, which helps to log sightings of all roadkill – targeting Tasmanian Devils in particular.
  • Installing the Roadkill Reporter App and reporting roadkill is the most effective way of collecting roadkill data.

Find instructions on how to download the app on the NRE Website.

Bonorong Wildlife Rescue:

  • If you find an injured animal, you can contact the Bonorong Wildlife Rescue program on 0447 264 625 (0447 ANIMAL).
  • This program operates 24/7 and they will find a local wildlife carer to come and collect the animal and get it the help it requires locally.

Find more information on the Bonorong Wildlife Rescue website.


As part of Council’s NRM Plan 2023 and the Greening Central Coast Strategy, we are reviewing methods to protect native wildlife in their habitat and when they move between areas. It is also Council’s goal to build awareness in the community regarding how we can protect vegetation and wildlife to keep our municipality biodiversity abundant and thriving.

If you require more information on the resources mentioned, please contact the Council’s Natural Resource Management Officer.


Central Coast Council Invites ‘Mr. Triathlon’ Craig Redman to Deliver the Australia Day Address This Year.

Central Coast Council is thrilled to announce that local sporting legend and ex triathlete Craig Redman will deliver the Australia Day Address at its upcoming Australia Day event. This follows a decision by Council to reintroduce a sporting achievement category, now called Champion of Sport, after more than a decade-long hiatus.

“The time has come for Central Coast Council to reintroduce this fantastic award category and allow the community to acknowledge the local sporting champions that walk among us.” Said Cr Cheryl Fuller, Mayor.

The award historically hasn’t received a great deal of nominations. However, Mayor Fuller said that regional sport is such an important part of the community, and that Council wants to create more avenues to promote local sporting accomplishments.

Craig Redman was the first ever recipient of the Central Coast Council (formally Ulverstone Council) Young Citizen of the Year award in 1986. He then went on to receive the Sporting Achievement Award in 2000.

These awards acknowledged Craig’s local and international sporting accomplishments, including his involvement in the Ulverstone Surf Club and Ulverstone ‘Redhopper’ Basketball Club. Craig then became a 4 x World Triathlon Champion and competed in the Hawaii Ironman World Triathlon Championships. This race attracted 50,000 competitors from around the world and Craig finished 10th in his age group, and 75th overall.

After wrapping up his career as a triathlete, Craig went on to become a High-Performance Coach for Triathlon Australia and currently sits on the Australian Sports Commission board. Craig acknowledged the importance of giving back to the local sporting community, as well as being a mentor for aspiring young athletes.

“I coached Amelia Cox [who competed in Triathlon World Championships] right through her triathlon journey since she was 15 or 16.”  Said Craig Redman. 

“It doesn’t have to take a big tribe. It can take just one person to build a [sports] community.” He said.

Mayor Cheryl Fuller is excited to welcome new and existing community members to this year’s Australia Day 2024 ‘Breakfast by the beach’ event and showcase the recipients of the Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year, and Community Event or Group of the Year awards.

“The Australia Day Awards presentations are an opportunity for us to pay tribute to the many outstanding community members we have in Tasmania’s Central Coast, many of whom have been contributing to our community from a very young age.”  Said Mayor Cheryl Fuller.


Central Coast’s Australia Day 2024 ‘Breakfast by the beach’ event

WHEN: Friday 26th January 2024, 8:45am – 10:30am

WHERE: A new event location for this year, Ulverstone Soundshell.

The community is invited to come along and enjoy a complimentary breakfast including:

  • Egg and bacon sandwiches,
  • Sausage sizzle,
  • Cold and hot drinks,

There will also be a coffee van on site. The celebration will include a Citizenship Ceremony and the annual Australia Day Award presentations, including Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year, and Community Group/ Event of the Year.

For more information:

Name: Cr Cheryl Fuller, Mayor of Central Coast Council

Email: cheryl.fuller@centralcoast.tas.gov.au

Phone: 0458 888 040



The next Ordinary Council meeting will be held in the Council Chamber at the Administration Centre, 19 King Edward Street, Ulverstone on Monday 22nd January 2024, from 6pm.  Public attendance is welcome.

Information more regarding Public Question Time, click on the green button below. 

Public Question Time

The meeting Agenda can be accessed by clicking on the green button.

Council Meeting – Agendas & Minutes

An online livestream of the meeting will be available to view by clicking on the green button.

Live-Stream – YouTube

Previously recorded Council meetings can be accessed by clicking on the green button.

Central Coast Council – YouTube Channel

Battery safety awareness campaign


Central Coast Council wants to help spread awareness about the importance of disposing of batteries safely and correctly

Why binning batteries is dangerous?

  • Throwing used batteries away in general waste and recycling bins is a serious fire hazard.
  • Any battery that holds a charge can spark and cause a fire. Lithium batteries are particularly dangerous. If crushed inside a collection truck they can self-ignite and cause explosive fires.
  •  Industry estimates there are three fires a week in waste and recycling collection trucks attributed to batteries. This comes at a huge
    cost to councils, industries and communities.
  • Button batteries are a particular fire risk because they have a large battery terminal that can easily spark. They can also cause internal burns if swallowed by small children and pets.

Download the ‘Never Bin Your Batteries – Battery Awareness Campaign Key Messages’ for more information below. 

Never Bin Your Batteries - Battery Awareness Campaign Key Messages

What you can do? 

If you have used batteries lying around, get rid of them safely at a B-cycle accredited drop off point. Central Coast Council currently has two safe drop-off points at its:

  • Ulverstone Administration Centre
  • Penguin Service Centre  
Alternatively, you can also visit www.bcycle.com.au to find your nearest B-Cycle drop off point.

Taping batteries save lives

  • Taping batteries with clear sticky tape reduces the risk of fires. The tape is non-conductive and prevents batteries sparking.
  • Taping button batteries reduces the likelihood of being swallowed or ingested by small children and pets. And, if they are, it reduces the risk of internal burns.

Download the ‘This tape saves lives -Battery safety awareness campaign key messages’ for more information. 

This tape saves lives -Battery safety awareness campaign key messages

Media Release – Forth Camping Rules Return to Normal

Central Coast Council has announced the resumption of normal camping rules at its Forth Recreation Ground campsite. As of this week, only self-contained campers will be allowed, and a maximum 3-night stay will apply.

Council relaxed the rules last year to provide relief to those experiencing homelessness throughout Tasmania’s harsh winter.

Central Coast Council Mayor, Cr Cheryl Fuller, thanked the community for their patience and compassion.

“We know that at times, the interim arrangements presented challenges for users of the site and members of the wider community, and placed additional pressure on the amenities at the Recreation Ground. Council sincerely appreciates the patience and compassion that has been shown, and we’re pleased that by working together as a community, we were able to make things a bit easier for people during a difficult time.” said Mayor Fuller.

The Mayor said that homeless people impacted by the change have been encouraged to discuss their individual circumstances with Council staff or call Housing Connect on 1800 800 588.


Council’s 2023-2024 Reseal Program

Council’s 2023 – 2024 Reseal Program is currently being rolled out across the municipality. These works started in early November 2023 and will continue until the end of March 2024.

The focus of this program is to update the roads in need of repairing and resealing, to improve the access and safety of our region.

January & February:

  • Lovett Street (Completed) Ihlata Street to the Bass Highway
  • 30 January: Queen Street / Hobbs Parade 
  • 31 January: Queen Street / Maud Street Intersection 
  • 1 February: Queen Street / Alice Street Intersection 
  • 2 February: Main Street / Eastland Drive Intersection 
  • February (TBC): Preservation Drive: Bridge over Sulphur Creek.
  • February (TBC): Bridge Approach Works: Nine Mile Road; bridge over Sulphur Creek.
  • February (TBC): Bridge Approach Works: Central Castra Road; bridge over East Gawler River

February 2024:

  • Alexandra Road: Walker Street to Reiby Street
  • McCulloch Street: Road to Maud Street excluding asphalted intersections
  • Hobbs Parade: Flora Street to Queen Street
  • South Road: Queen Street to Amherst Street
  • Deviation Road, Penguin: Main Road to Russell Street
  • Penguin Road: Lonah / Three Sisters section
  • Albert Road: Nine Mile Road Intersection to Cuprona Road
  • West Pine Road:  Bridge, 920m to Camena Road
  • Top Gawler Road: Preston Road to McNaughton Drive
  • Isandulah Road: Bridge 2262, 400m to Healds Road
  • Preston / Castra Road: Peter Jacks Road to Preston Road
  • Penguin Sports Car Park

Once a date and time has been locked in with Council’s contractors, we will endeavour to give the community as much notice as possible through the media, social media and Antenno service app. This will be subject to weather and contractor availability. 

What to expect

Council tries to schedule road maintenance during times and days that cause as little impact to the community as possible. Single lane traffic will remain in place. However, short delays can be expected during this scheduled road maintenance.  In addition, there might be some temporary road closures and detours in place to ensure the safety of workers and the community.

We thank the community for their patience and understanding, as we work to update our roads to make travelling around our municipality safer and more accessible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Council’s customers service team.