In 2018, the Council’s 7 Day Makeover Ulverstone demonstrated how community members coming together could identify how the Ulverstone CBD can be made more engaging for the public.

From Tuesday 13 October, Central Coast residents along with visitors can enjoy playing the Community Piano at Apex Park. Since the 7 Day Makeover Ulverstone initiative, the piano has been with the Elanora Ranger Guides of Ulverstone who have done an amazing job of decorating it in Ulverstone themes.

Many thanks to Robert Tucker Piano Services, who kindly donated and transported the piano. Thanks also to the Elanora Ranger Guides of Ulverstone for the creative piano artwork. The Guides had a little help from one of Ulverstone’s senior citizens and long-time supporter of Guiding in Ulverstone, Gwen Jones.

The community-led Project Team would also like to thank Hennessey’s Café and Bakehouse for their ongoing support.

To see a video of the 7 Day Makeover Ulverstone, click on the green button:
7 Day Makeover Ulverstone Video