The Council has commenced footpath rehabilitation works at the following locations.

Main Street

Works taking place involve the reconstruction of the southern side of Main Street between Victoria Street and the Quadrant, including the footpath kerbing and channelling, and providing dedicated car parking along the street.  Unfortunately this also involves the removal of existing footpath trees that have demolished the kerb and channelling and are causing stormwater drainage issues as well as uneven footpaths.

Victoria Street

The last stage of the Victoria Street footpath rehabilitation works are taking place on the western side of Victoria Street between Main Street and Reibey Street.  It was hoped that only two trees would have to be removed, but as works have progressed the trees have been found to be damaging underground infrastructure assets such as electricity, water and telecommunication installations.  Unfortunately, some of the roots of the trees have also been found to be diseased and rotted and this may have led to long-term stability issues.

It is regrettable that most of the trees will have to be removed to enable the rehabilitation works to proceed, however suitable trees will be planted (both in Victoria Street and Main Street) to replace those trees that have been removed, and the Council will be taking action, including installing special root barriers to prevent the new trees from damaging the underground assets or footpaths in the future.

For information and enquiries on either of the projects, please contact the Council on (03) 6429 8900.