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Asset Management Policy

Audio Recording of Meetings Policy

Audit Panel Charter

Authority for the Signing of Partnership Agreements

Car Parking Cash-In-Lieu Contribution Policy

Central Coast Council Open Space and Recreation Policy

Central Coast Public Art Policy

Code for Tender and Contracts

Code of Conduct of Councillors

Communications and Engagement Policy

Community Events Policy

Conduct of Public Forums as Part of the Council Elections Process

Corporate Logo Policy

Council Liability for the Fencing of Land Owned/Leased and Managed by the Council

Credit Card Policy

Customer Service Charter

Disclosure of Information Policy

Dog Management Policy

Elected Members Professional Development Policy

Enforcement Policy

Environmental Policy

Erection of Political Advertising Signs in Respect of Federal, State and Local Government Elections

Establishment of a Public Office

Establishment of Special Committees

Fees and Charges - Remissions for Residential Dwellings Destroyed by Fire

Fire Abatement Policy

Fraud Control Policy

Gifts and Donations Policy

Green Waste Dumping Signage Policy

Holding of Ordinary Meetings of the Council

Investment Policy

Mobile Food Business Roadside Vending Policy

Naming of Roads and Streets

National Competition Policy

National Team Selection Sponsorship Policy

Outdoor Dining Policy

Outdoor Dining on Land Under Ownership or Control of the Council

Overnight Rest Areas - 'Free Camping' for Motor Vehicles

Payment of Allowances to the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors and the reimbursement of expenses

Photocopying of Community Newsletters

Playground Policy

Public Open Space Contributions Policy

Public Open Space Policy

Public Open Space Contributions Policy

Public Toilet Policy

Rate Remissions on Unoccupied Property

Rates and Charges Policy – June 2019

Related Party Transaction Policy

Reservation of Gravesites at Central Coast Memorial Park

Risk Management Policy

Road Underpass Policy

School Bus Stop Shelter Policy

Social Media Acceptable Use Policy and Community Guidelines

Strata, Staged Development and Community Development Scheme Policy

The Holding of Development Support Special Committee Meetings

Unsealed Roads Policy and Guidelines

Use of the Common Seal of the Council

Use of the Council's Roads for Motor-vehicle Rallies and Trials

Vegetation Damage Signage Policy

Vegetation Management Policy

Vehicular Access to Apex Park

Waiving of Central Coast Resource Recovery Centre Access Fees

Works in Road Reservation Policy