The Building Act 2016 came in to effect on January 1, 2017 which means that Tasmanian Council’s now have new regulations relating to:

  • building and plumbing work
  • licensing of people in the building industry
  • residential building contracts

The Building Act 2016 has an improved approach to building approvals. Low-risk building, plumbing and demolition work, and some medium-risk work can be undertaken without seeking a Building Permit from the Council.
If you are planning building or plumbing works, please visit the Department of Justice where there is a number of Fact Sheets to assist.
Copies of the Building Act 2016 and Building Regulations 2016 are available for download.

Copies of your building plans are available from the Council upon completion of the Building Plans – Application Form and payment of fees.

Please refer back to the Council’s website for further updates.