The Council has been working closely with the community through a number of workshops and focus groups to review and reinvigorate the ‘Coast to Canyon’ brand. Feedback from the community indicated the two things most valued about Central Coast were: first and foremost, the community and its people; and secondly, our fantastic natural assets, agricultural and environment. Based on this feedback, work has been done on the Coast to Canyon brand to make sure it is still representing the people and assets of the Central Coast 10 years after its original development.

The Council are grateful to the community for their involvement throughout this process and is now pleased to reveal the logo and slogan the community has helped to develop. The current and reinvigorated brands are shown below, changes include:

  • Stronger colours to make the brand stand out;
  • Including ‘Tasmania’ to separate us from Central Coast, NSW;
  • Including the slogan in the brand;
  • Increasing the font size of ‘coast’;
  • Increasing size of the blue block, with line of coastline at top edge;
  • Add blue colour to water in waterfall; and
  • Increase red pigment to brown block to better reflect the earth.


The reinvigorated Coast to Canyon Brand can be used to consistently market across different industry sectors and community groups, to attract shoppers, visitors, businesses, investors or families to relocate and live here. View the Gallery below to see advertisement of the ‘Great natured place’ slogan (tagline) and ‘It’s in our nature’ message.

Advertising Examples:
Coast to Canyon, ‘Great natured place’ – ‘It’s in our nature’

If you have any comments please download the Feedback Form available in .doc format , click here and .pdf format , click here.
Email completed Forms to [email protected], with ‘Coast to Canyon’ in the subject line before Wednesday, March 29.
Static displays will also be available for viewing and comment between March 15 and 29 at: the Council’s Administration Centre; the Penguin and Ulverstone Visitor Information Centres; and the Ulverstone Sports and Leisure Centre. Comments can also be made via the Council’s website on the ‘Latest News’ section.

To learn more and ask questions, visit a Community Information Session. Two will be held, open between 10.00am and 12.00pm at: the Council Chamber at the Administration Centre located at 19 King Edward Street, Ulverstone on Thursday, 16 March and at the Penguin Railway Station located at 44 Main Road, Penguin on Friday, 17 March.