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NBN – Medical Alarms

As you may be aware the nbn™ network will replace most of the existing landline phone and internet networks. It also involves new technologies, which some existing devices may not be compatible with. That means, if someone has a medical alarm it’s important that they register it with nbn and call their medical alarm provider for advice and to find out if their service will work on the nbn™ network. This needs to be done well before their existing landline phone network is disconnected.

Most medical alarms are connected to their phone line – so they can call for help if it is needed. As the nbn™ network is replacing most existing landline phone and internet networks in area’s around the country, some important services may not stay working. These include:*

  • Medical alarms;
  • Professionally monitored medical alarms;
  • Family and friend autodiallers/emergency call buttons; and
  • Priority Assistance Service.

We are advising people to call their medical alarm provider for advice on keeping their services working.

+ Download the ‘Medical Alarms’ brochure for more information.  

For more information on the nbn rollout in the Central Coast, how to switch to nbn and the full list of nbn providers, click here.