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Cemeteries and Niche Walls

The Council operates the Central Coast Memorial Park located at South Road, West Ulverstone. The Ulverstone General Cemetery and Penguin General Cemetery are now closed other than for previously approved reservations. Plaques can be ordered through the funeral director or the Community Services Officer, Community Services Department.

Burial arrangements are made through a funeral director.

The Council maintains a number of memorial parks located within Ulverstone that commemorate the various armed services. Niche walls are located in each of these parks for the placement of plaques (and ashes) commemorating those who served. Reservations and arrangements for the placement of plaques (and ashes) are to be made through the Council.

For more information, contact the Community Services Officer, Community Services Department on 6429 8900.

Ulverstone General Cemetery Map

Central Coast Memorial Park

Cemetery/Grave Information

Information for Funeral Directors

  1. Re-openings:
    Not before 12:30pm on Mondays
    Not before 10:00am on any other day
  2. Earliest booking 10:00am
    Latest booking 3:00pm
  3. Allow 2 hours between funerals (all bookings to start 30 minutes before arrival)
  4. No glass vases/containers allowed on graves
  5. Funeral bookings will not be confirmed until ‘Order for Burial’ form is received from Funeral Director
  6. The information you are required to provide when making an after hours booking is as follows:
    Cemetery Name (Central Coast Memorial Park, Ulverstone General or Penguin General)
    Name of deceased
    Whether a single or double depth grave, or a reopening
    If reopening, whose grave is to be reopened
    Any special requirements, i.e. graveside service, oversized coffin etc.
    Name of Funeral DirectorExample: CCMP Joan Mary Blogs Reopen John Frederick Blogs Graveside Service Parkside

Central Coast Council Cemetery Fees and Charges 2018-2019