The Council wishes to advise residents that a chemical control program for Capeweed in nature strips, parks and reserves will commence shortly in the Central Coast area.

Residents who do not wish to have their nature strip treated and would like to be added to the “no spray” list should contact the Council on tel. 6429 8100.





Capeweed (Arctotheca calendula)
Photo credit: Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority




Capeweed is a widespread annual lawn/pasture weed in this region.  This weed becomes highly visible when in flower over summer, but its flat rosettes are growing now.

In early July, the Council will commence the annual Capeweed Control Program in key locations across the municipal area, including most nature strips.  Follow-up control will be in summer when the first buds appear.  The program will continue for the next few years until effective control is achieved, thereafter maintained at a manageable level on an annual basis.

Capeweed affects those of us trying to grow lush lawns, from residential to parklands, and is an economically significant competitor of crops, grass and clover.

For more information, please contact the Council’s Construction & Maintenance Group Leader on tel. 6429 8123.