A suspension on produce imported from a Melbourne-based fruit and vegetable treatment facility will remain in place until Biosecurity Tasmania is satisfied that any identified concerns are addressed.

Biosecurity Tasmania staff are working with their Victorian counterparts to investigate the process undertaken at the treatment facility.

The facility is one of three major Melbourne-based facilities accredited for fruit fly treatment prior to export to Tasmanian markets.

No concerns have been identified for produce coming through the other two facilities and this will continue to be available in supermarkets.

Inspection is a routine part of Biosecurity Tasmania measures and surveillance of all fruit fly host produce has been increased during the current investigation.

Imports from the supplier of the identified produce also have been suspended until fruit fly freedom can again be demonstrated or that produce has been appropriately treated for fruit fly.

The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment is continuing discussions with its Federal counterparts as well as other States to identify any further actions that may be required.

The Tasmanian community, including retailers, has been praised for its quick response to the suspension and recall of host produce.

Reports of fruit fly can be made by contacting Biosecurity Tasmania on 6165 3774.

Further information about fruit fly can be found on the DPIPWE website dippwe.tas.gov.au/fruitfly