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7 Day Makeover of Penguin

7 Day Makeover of Penguin

Penguin CBD/foreshore will get a people-powered 7 Day Makeover and we want you to help us promote it and be part of it.  International place making expert David Engwicht will help ordinary people create extraordinary places, in just seven days – without endless talk.


Information Night

The process will be explained at an Information Night on Tuesday 25 September in the Community Learning Centre, Penguin District School, 105-125 Ironcliffe Road, Penguin. For more information and to register, click here.

How you can take part

  1. Attend the Information Night on Tuesday 25 September to meet David and hear how the 7 Day Makeover works and how you can be part of it.
  2. If you can’t attend the Information Night, visit the 7 Day Makeover website and click on scheduled makeovers.
  3. Watch the video of what one town did in seven days.
  4. Download the brochure advertising the makeover and share with your friends and colleagues.

Makeover dates

There are important jobs for everyone, regardless of skill level or how much time you can give.

Penguin CBD/foreshore                  20-26 October (give as little as one hour)

Weekend planning workshop            20 and 21 October

Implementation                                  22-26 October


Links and information

The 7 Day Makeover of Penguin is sponsored by Central Coast Council but facilitated by Creative Communities International, who have been helping communities world-wide turn public spaces into vibrant people-places for 25 years.